Our Team

Nirupama Madhavan (Founder, BCBA)

Nirupama graduated out of the University of Washington in 2018 with a Masters in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis. During her time at UW, she worked as an intern in early intervention at the Experimental Education Unit (UW) and in the Feeding Clinic at Seattle Children’s Autism Center. She gained experience working with young children with significant delays and with experts in the field of ABA. After graduation, she worked for a private agency with teens and young adults, primarily on social, community and independent living skills. Prior to becoming a BCBA, Niru has worked for tech companies including Microsoft as a Software Engineer.

Niru has a long relationship with autism and ABA, as she has two children with unique needs. As a parent who has experienced the challenges involved in bringing up a child with special needs, she understands and relates to the families that she works with. Niru founded Famspring to support the unique needs of families working hard to provide the best for their children with autism. She is committed to improving the independence and self-advocacy of her clients and is passionate about using technology to enhance the quality of their lives.

Outside of work, Niru enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, hiking, watching movies and learning music.

Natalie Alvarado-Lopez (Certified Behavior Technician)

Natalie is a student of Biochemistry at Seattle Pacific University. She has been working as a behavior technician since 2020. She loves helping her clients achieve personal goals and strives to provide each client with the best services possible. Natalie enjoys playing soccer.